Do you feel Vibrantly alive, full of energy and joy? Or, are you feeling stressed, fatigued and worried? 

Knowing the root cause of any challenge is the first step to restoring balance.  

The Vibrant Health Assessment Quiz is your first step on the path to your most Vibrant life! 

Are you experiencing anxiety or depression?  

Do you desperately need to sleep through the night to wake up refreshed?  

Are you unable to shed that extra weight no matter how hard you try?

Have you been suffering with a chronic health condition or pain?  

If so, I feel you and can relate. I have experienced all of the above and found my way to Vibrant Health.

I have spent the past 30 years studying, teaching and practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine, nutrition and mind, body, spirit healing.  

What I discovered on my own healing journey and working with my patients in my private practice was that most of the health challenges we face have the same cause which is stress resulting in inflammation in the body.  

The first step is to learn what your inflammatory triggers are.

Join me on the path to Vibrant Health restoring your vitality, energy and joy for life as we gently clear away inflammatory patterns. 

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